Virgin Media Complaints

There is not a company out there that can boast that they have never had a complaint from a customer. In the wide world of business, complaints are pretty much just a natural part of the game that are to unfortunately be dealt with at some point or another. While of course, every company is bound to get hit with a complaint, one thing that is important to note, is how often these complaints occur; as that in itself can speak volumes about the company itself. Keeping that in mind, one company that fell quite low on a recent list of companies with the most customer complaints is the very popular, Virgin Media!

A recent report was conducted by Ofcom, which made note of all the customer complaint rankings for the top phone, broadband and TV companies based in the UK and Ireland. The list was actually quite striking, the results showed the number of complaints per one-hundred thousand customers of each provider in terms of their broadband service and were as follows: EE- 34, Plusnet- 32, TalkTalk- 31, BT- 28, Virgin Media- 7 and Sky TV-6! While EE topped the list last year as well for its customer broadband complaints, their number did in fact drop pretty significantly making the much more in line with the complaint numbers of their competing companies.

The ratings were similar in terms of rankings and numbers for the complaints of landline customers as well. However, TalkTalk received the most complaints, and many noted that this may be in large part due to the fact that both EE and PlusNet saw their companies’ customer complaints numbers drop significantly in the last quarter. Virgin Media and Sky maintained their ratings, with Sky being the lowest and Virgin Media a very close second to lowest. Interestingly, with regards to the mobile service of all these companies, Vodafone actually made the list with the top most received customer complaints, though many accredit this to the company’s recent bill change which has countless people a bit on the confused side.

Virgin Media, again fell just short to Sky TV with regards to the Pay-TV category with Sky having a striking only one complaint per one-hundred thousand and Virgin maintaining an impressive only three per one-hundred thousand. Again, BT and TalkTalk saw a decrease in their rankings, however they still boasted between 14 and 15 customer complaints.

This report reflects a great deal about the companies themselves. And it is most certainly of no surprise that Virgin Media has maintained its status down at the bottom end of the most complaints list. Virgin Media is a company that has long prided itself on its exceptional customer service and has always strived to provide its customers only the very best. Even if a complaint is place, they ensure that it will be quickly and efficiently resolved to the customer’s utmost satisfaction.

If you do have to file a complaint with Virgin Media either via their Virgin Media contact page, for whatever reason, be sure to log on to their website for a multitude of information that may assist you in resolving the matter yourself, or even all the contact information to get ahold of.